I have always been obsessed with rare, beautiful objects that tell a story. Things that people value and that withstand time, that are passed on to be cherished and adored. It’s at the heart of what I love about jewellery: composing a final, unique piece of art for someone to love forever.

For a long time I couldn’t find a vocation that suited me perfectly. Out of school I styled fashion editorials in my hometown then moved to Montreal and learned basic carpentry. Later, I went to New York to work for an art dealer and a gallery in Brooklyn and then to England to work for another gallery which dealt in antique picture frames. Every step of the way my appreciation for what makes objects endure deepened. I thought I could one day collect rare objects to resell — things like posy rings, for instance, inside of which people inscribed secret messages to their beloved, particularly in the 15th to 17th centuries — but I wasn’t sure where I would find the capital.


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